Series 1 - Episode 6



One of the great things about this Mitchell-and-Webb sitcom is the fact it has so much more plot than most. Underneath the well-worked character comedy there’s a running mystery worthy of a psychological thriller: who exactly is plausible interloper Andrew (Robert Webb)? Was he really a foster child who has returned to the home he was happiest in?

“He’s stolen my life and he’s living it better than me,” moans Stephen (David Mitchell), who is sliding into alcoholic gloom. But a cascade of plot developments involving microfiche readers, clafoutis and cancer might change everything.


In the final episode, Andrew has completed transforming the John Barleycorn into a huge success with a brilliant new look and a talented French chef. Feeling defeated and depressed, Stephen turns to alcohol to drown his sorrows. Later, Andrew's back story starts to be brought into question when other former foster children turn up for Laurie's birthday memorial. Stephen throws every ounce of his manic energy into finding out the truth about Andrew's past, and when he finally does, it is a revelation that looks like it could change everything.

Cast & Crew

Stephen David Mitchell
Andrew Robert Webb
Cass Louise Brealey
Ellen Penny Downie
Jan Jessica Gunning
Mike Oliver Maltman
Geoff Geoff McGivern
Alison Olivia Poulet
Young Andrew Caius Luckyn-Malone
Alfie Tate Charlie Baker
Juliet Julie Dray
Diner Tommy Love
Librarian Joanne Sandi
Chris Phaldut Sharma
Dave Jonathan Watson
Director Ben Palmer
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Simon Blackwell
Executive Producer David Mitchell
Executive Producer Robert Webb
Producer Kate Daughton
Writer Simon Blackwell
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