All You See Is Dark

Series 1 - Episode 2 All You See Is Dark



We’re all strangers to each other: that seems to be the underlying message of this gloomy-creepy missing-child drama. Even within families, do we really know our siblings? Eighteen-year-old Adam has returned to his family after ten years held in a basement, and his reappearance has flipped the lid off old cans of worms.

His father’s affair, for instance: John (Rupert Graves) didn’t have an affair with just anyone; he had an affair with the female cop who put away his son’s murderer – or thought she had. The characters circle and shadow-box as we jump between ten years ago and the present day, but Adam’s brother remains convinced that whoever “Adam” is, it isn’t Adam.


After meeting Adam, Hank wrestles with a dark secret he has kept for more than 10 years, while Meyer is determined to correct mistakes of the past.

Cast & Crew

Claire Warren Joan Allen
John Warren Rupert Graves
Willa Warren Alison Pill
Nina Meyer Margot Bingham
Danny Warren Zach Gilford
Adam Warren Liam James
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