Louis Theroux: Dark States - Murder In Milwaukee

Louis Theroux: Dark States - Murder In Milwaukee

Series 1



“Keep calm and carry guns,” reads the slogan on one man’s T-shirt in Milwaukee, depressingly. The mass shooting in Las Vegas once again highlighted America’s lethal levels of gun ownership and here Louis Theroux’s visit to one of the country’s worst areas for violent crime shows what that culture looks like at street level.

One mother of two shows us the loaded shotgun she keeps by her, even when she’s in the bath. In a disturbing (and possibly misjudged) scene, Theroux talks to a detective in the house where a young man has been shot and is lying dead behind them, his blood running across the floor. It’s part of a fine but disheartening film.


The reporter examines gun crime and racial tensions in the US city, where the homicide rate is 12 times the national average and the police are frequently regarded with distrust. He follows the police department's homicide officers as they investigate a shooting, spends time with a family that has lost a loved one to gun crime, and meets a former gang leader who has become a social activist dedicated to finding solutions to her city's problems. He also examines the impact of a recent police shooting.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Louis Theroux
Director Jason Massot
Executive Producer Peter Dale
Series Producer Jamie Pickup