Cold Feet

Series 7 - Episode 7



It’s the morning after the night before, when the Cold Feeters consider what happened at that excruciating 50th birthday party in the chilly light of day.

As ever, Adam’s inability to be straightforward and honest with the women in his life hovers over everyone. But Pete and Jen have their problems, too – she’s bored and he’s defensive.

It’s the final, bittersweet, tearful episode in the second series of Mike Bullen’s reboot and I’ll be sorry to see everyone go. Unlike every other mainstream drama, at least Cold Feet has charm and humour and people to care about.

By the way, pat yourself on the back if you recognise Badly Drawn Boy playing a busker.


Reeling from the revelation that Adam has cheated, Tina arranges a rendezvous with Sarah to hear her side of the story. Karen's feelings for Gareth are tested when she discovers that he has kept a big part of his life from her, while David takes matters into his own hands after a threat is made towards his daughters. Although in no position to do so, Adam offers Pete some relationship advice - with disastrous consequences. Indie singer-songwriter Badly Drawn Boy makes an appearance as a busker, alongside James Nesbitt, Leanne Best, Hermione Norris, Robert Bathurst and John Thomson.

Cast & Crew

Adam Williams James Nesbitt
David Marsden Robert Bathurst
Karen Marsden Hermione Norris
Pete Gifford John Thomson
Jenny Gifford Fay Ripley
Tina Reynolds Leanne Best
Nikki Kirkbright Siobhan Finneran
Gareth Newton Kieran Bew
George Kirkbright Robert Glenister
Sarah Poynter Amy Huberman
Matthew Williams Ceallach Spellman
Eliza Schumacher Faith Alabi
Bernice Duerden Diana Jane Brooks
Barbara Blyth Marji Campi
Vedika Jawad Saira Choudhry
Jules Watson Aaron Cobham
Robbie Burgess Tim Dantay
Olivia Marsden Daisy Edgar-Jones
Chloe Gifford Madeleine Edmondson
Adam Gifford Jack Harper
Ellie Marsden Ella Hunt
Tracey McHarrie Ruth Madeley
Vera Goulbourne Eileen O'Brien
Busker Badly Drawn Boy
Director Terry McDonough
Executive Producer Matthew Justice
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Mike Bullen
Executive Producer Terry McDonough
Producer Lis Steele
Writer Mike Bullen
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