Alaska: A Year in the Wild


Series 1 - Episode 2 Spring



Look, clearly you’ll find better, more lavishly filmed natural history series around but the low-key pleasures of this tour of Alaskan wildlife are still worth a try. As the sandhill cranes fly in from California for the Alaskan mating season they turn from elegant flyers to wonderfully inept dancers, thrashing their wings around and flinging up bits of grass with their beaks to show willing. The narration characterises this as “dad dancing”, which struck me as harsh.

For a better male role model, see the bald eagle tenderly feeding his newborn chick with little bits of fish. The ones he hasn’t eaten himself.


Winter's grip loosens as spring arrives in the northern American state. As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, a transformation is triggered that ranks as one of the most spectacular on the continent. However, spring in Alaska is short as the creatures have less than two months to feed, mate and raise a family - all the while avoiding the attentions of predators. The season also sees tens of millions of migrating birds return to the region, and hungry creatures re-emerge from hibernation, such as the grizzly bear.

Cast & Crew

Director Duncan Chard
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Series Producer Duncan Chard