Horizon: Being Transgender

Horizon: Being Transgender

Series 2017



The best antidote to discomfort or prejudice about transgender issues is simple: see ordinary trans men and women talk about their feelings among friends and family, and get a sense, from them, of how they felt growing up and transitioning. That’s what this excellent Horizon delivers in a subtly filmed (by Sreya Biswas) look at gender identity.

One conversation with 19-year-old trans man Jamie from Leicester, in which he and friend Fletch discuss how much they’re looking forward to having hormone injections, is full of insights, uncertainty and realism. “You don’t get a shot of testosterone and suddenly you’re Mark Wahlberg,” jokes Jamie.

It’s a terrific film, but should come with a slight health warning: near the end there’s a scene filmed in California that shows gender confirmation surgery in graphic detail. Not for the squeamish.


Exploring what it actually means to be transgender, and what happens when a person transitions psychologically, physically and biologically. Cameras follow a number of transgender people going through their own transition, including a socially transitioning transwoman and two young transmen embarking on hormones.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Rebecca Root
Director Sreya Biswas
Editor Steve Crabtree
Producer Sreya Biswas
Documentary Science