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I Did Adore A Twinkling Star

Series 2 - Episode 3 I Did Adore A Twinkling Star



Along with its litany of politically correct jabs and joke Elizabethanese, you also have to overlook a lot of historical inaccuracies in Ben Elton’s froth-light comedy. First that Kit Marlowe (Tim Downie) was a womaniser (he was almost certainly homosexual), that he was alive when Shakespeare started writing (he wasn’t) and that Will himself (David Mitchell) was a bit of an idiot.

Credulity is stretched further tonight when the “boobingtons” of Will’s formidable friend Kate “palpitate” as she falls for the feckless and shallow Kit, leading to an elaborate story of disguises and garden over-hearings modelled on The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Not for the scholars, but light and diverting enough all the same.


Will is desperate to find a new idea for his next play, but it turns out his new patron only likes romances set in exotic foreign locations. However, when Marlowe and Kate look like they might be falling for each other, he comes up with an ingenious plan to help his friends and also find some inspiration.

Cast & Crew

Condell Dominic Coleman
Kit Marlowe Tim Downie
John Shakespeare Harry Enfield
Lucy Jocelyn Jee Esien
Robert Greene Mark Heap
Kempe Spencer Jones
Susanna Helen Monks
Bottom Rob Rouse
Burbage Steve Speirs
Anne Shakespeare Liza Tarbuck
Kate Gemma Whelan
Mary Shakespeare Paula Wilcox
Will Shakespeare David Mitchell
Judith Shakespeare Rosanna Beacock
Hamnet Shakespeare Joe Willis
Silvia Margaret Clunie
Valentine Jack Fox
Servant Jacopo Menicagli
Director Richard Boden
Executive Producer Chris Sussman
Producer Gareth Edwards
Writer Ben Elton
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