Electric Dreams: Impossible Planet

Electric Dreams: Impossible Planet

Series 1



There’s a spiritual message buried at the heart of this week’s fable, like a payload deep in the spaceship on which much of the story unfolds. The story takes its time, but it’s another example of Philip K Dick’s ability to touch nerves that shake your ideas up, so stick with it.

We begin on a space cruise where the crew arrange interstellar sights for tourists – “packages of pre-digested happiness”, visually enhanced like Instagram filters. Then an elderly woman, played by Geraldine Chaplin – very elderly, she’s 342 – asks to be taken on a bespoke trip to Earth, even though it was destroyed centuries ago. What follows explores the importance of romance in a world shorn of mystery.


The sci-fi anthology series continues with an adaptation of Philip K Dick's tale Impossible Planet, brought to the small screen by David Farr. Norton, a tour guide working on board an intergalactic cruise ship, believes his life is meaningless until he meets Irma. This supernaturally old passenger longs to go to Earth, a planet that has long since been destroyed. The ancient Irma offers a handsome paycheck to anyone who is willing to take her back to humanity's dead home-world, an opportunity that Norton's colleague Andrews is quick to exploit. However, as the pair begin their scam, Norton develops an unlikely bond with Irma, one that seems almost as impossible as the planet they are seeking. Starring Jack Reynor, Benedict Wong and Geraldine Chaplin.

Cast & Crew

Irma Geraldine Chaplin
Andrews Benedict Wong
Norton Jack Reynor
Synth female attendant Bekka Bowling
Linus Primo Justin Butcher
Barbara Georgina Campbell
Young Irma Annes Elwy
RB29 (performer) Malik Ibheis
RB29 (voice) Christopher Staines
Director David Farr
Dramatised By David Farr
Executive Producer Michael Dinner
Executive Producer David Kanter
Executive Producer Matt DeRoss
Executive Producer Isa Hackett
Executive Producer Kalen Egan
Executive Producer Christopher Tricarico
Executive Producer Ronald D Moore
Executive Producer Maril Davis
Executive Producer Bryan Cranston
Executive Producer James Degus
Executive Producer Katie DiMento
Executive Producer Marigo Kehoe
Executive Producer Lila V Rawlings
Producer Rupert Ryle-Hodges
Writer Philip K Dick
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