Series 32 - Episode 5



Josh arrives with a new paramedic, who takes one look at Holby hospital then sighs, “I want a transfer.” Who can blame her, because the rookie is Sam Nicholls, one-time registrar and the former Mrs Dylan. Among other things.

Yes, Sam’s back and she wastes no time in breaking the rules at the scene of a road accident and interfering in the personal life of a patient, both with potentially catastrophic results. You’re clearly going to fit right in (again), Sam.

It’s a rite of passage that any new staff member must upset Connie Beauchamp, so Sam upsets Connie Beauchamp. But maybe Connie, who’s looking a bit peaky, has more important things to worry about…


Iain is stunned when former registrar Samantha Nicholls shows up the ambulance station ready for her first day as a paramedic. The pair struggle to adjust to their new working relationship, any questions Iain has are put out of mind when he and his new partner are called to rescue a shifty woman from a car crash. Meanwhile, back at the ED, Alicia decides to play matchmaker for Jacob and Elle as they work together to care for fun-loving elderly couple Iona and Margie.

Cast & Crew

Sam Nicholls Charlotte Salt
Iain Dean Michael Stevenson
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Elle Gardner Jaye Griffiths
Alicia Munroe Chelsea Halfpenny
Dylan Keogh William Beck
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Lily Chao Crystal Yu
Louise Tyler Azuka Oforka
David Hide Jason Durr
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Josh Griffiths Ian Bleasdale
Becky Penton Nathalie Cox
Margie Mogford Roberta Taylor
Iona Griffin Rosalind Ayres
Chris Torbitt Adam Sopp
Director Paul Riordan
Producer Ciara McIlvenny
Writer Kayleigh Llewellyn
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