Fake Britain

Series 8 - Episode 2



Yesterday saw the start of a new series – the eighth – of the troubling consumer show in which Dominic Littlewood chases con artists down. Today’s edition is the usual mix of scams you can’t believe anyone could be mean enough to pull, fake versions of products you thought were impregnable, and hidden phenomena you never would have guessed were there.

Schools, hospitals and churches have all installed glass they were told, falsely, was fire-resistant – which is potentially a lot more serious than shoppers discovering that they’ve been racking up points on a counterfeit Nectar card, but doesn’t stop the latter being annoying and indeed criminal. Plus, why does a London high street have a secret network of tunnels underneath it?


Dominic Littlewood examines bogus Nectar cards, and fake fire resistant glass that was installed in schools, hospitals and churches around the UK.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dominic Littlewood
Executive Producer Emma Barker
Executive Producer Peter Lowe