Electric Dreams: The Hood Maker

Electric Dreams: The Hood Maker

Series 1



A new series of dystopian one-offs aims to fill the hole left when Black Mirror moved to Netflix. Channel 4 has specialised in this sort of disquieting sci-fi (Utopia and Humans were in roughly the same vein), and Electric Dreams begins with the kind of dark fable that leaves you longing for a gasp of fresh air and the real world.

Adapted from one of Philip K Dick’s visionary short stories, The Hood Maker takes us to a future that feels like the past. We’re in a grungey, low-tech city of slums, concrete and 1970s cars, where tension is growing between Normals and Teeps, the latter a race of mutant telepaths whose grapevine acts as a kind of human internet.

Agent Ross (Richard Madden) is assigned to work with a Teep called Honor (Holliday Grainger) to trace the origin of some dangerous new contraband: linen hoods that block telepathy. From there we follow a moody parable about trust, prejudice and surveillance, skilfully adapted by Matthew Graham of Life on Mars fame.


Sci-fi anthology series featuring stories based on the works of Philip K Dick. The first story is set in a strangely archaic future city, following a devastating meteor shower that has wiped out much of the world's technology. The cataclysm has also led to the development of a breed of telepathic mutants, and as tensions arise between the new race of `teeps' and the remnants of humanity, war seems inevitable. The only hope of stopping the conflict falls with a human (Ross) and a teep (Honor) struggling to suppress their feelings for one another.

Cast & Crew

Ross Richard Madden
Honor Holliday Grainger
Senior Agent Okhile Noma Dumezweni
Dr Thaddeus Cutter Richard McCabe
Mary Anneika Rose
Damian Gibbs Chris Mayo
Rathbone Tom Mothersdale
Franklyn Paul Ritter
Teep Hooker Remmie Milner
Second lobby teep Ian Pink
Rickshaw kid Richard Rowe-McGhie
Teep Sarah Vevers
Teep girl Darcey Brown
Director Julian Jarrold
Executive Producer Michael Dinner
Executive Producer Lila V Rawlings
Executive Producer Marigo Kehoe
Executive Producer Katie DiMento
Executive Producer James Degus
Executive Producer Bryan Cranston
Executive Producer Maril Davis
Executive Producer Ronald D Moore
Executive Producer Christopher Tricarico
Executive Producer Kalen Egan
Executive Producer Isa Hackett
Executive Producer Matt DeRoss
Executive Producer David Kanter
Producer Lynn Horsford
Writer Matthew Graham
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