Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum

Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum


Heaven for film buffs and admirers of the art of photojournalism, this new film from Sophie Bassaler (made partly in French) is a must watch. Crammed with luminous images of stars and auteurs, it documents the 70-year symbiosis between the movie world (Hollywood and beyond) and photo agency Magnum.

As Isabella Rossellini explains, the love affair began just after the Second World War when her mother Ingrid Bergman met photographer Robert Capa, who subsequently befriended Alfred Hitchcock and John Huston and gained privileged access to their sets.

In the 50s, Dennis Stock took shots of James Dean that made him an icon, and in 1960 Eve Arnold famously documented the travails of Misfits, the final film completed by Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe. The finest of these images capture those telling moments partway between fantasy and reality, showing the real people who created legends.


The photographic studios' famous images of movie stars, from Eve Arnold's intimate relationship with Marilyn Monroe to Paolo Pellegrin's portraits of Kate Winslet.

Cast & Crew

Director Sophie Bassaler