Strike - The Silkworm

Strike - The Silkworm

Series 2



This amiably odd crime drama, adapted from JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith’s bestsellers, ends tonight as private eye Strike and his sidekick Robin wade even deeper into the murky waters of London’s literary scene.

Theirs is such a good partnership, brought to life by Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger; let’s hope they return (there’s still one book left, Career of Evil).

After the discovery of a disembowelled author, Strike unearths dark deeds among authors, agents and publishers, and old enmities going back decades. There’s a mysterious manuscript at the heart of the tale, a caustic parody that hit its targets so surely that someone died and other wounds are still raw.


Conclusion of the two-part adaptation of JK Rowling's detective novel. Strike and Robin become suspicious of Fancourt after he makes a revealing mistake during a TV interview, while an encounter at a party leads to further suspicious revelations. The authorship of the fatal novel comes under question, and a literary analyst is called in to examine the test. Matthew is less than happy to discover that Strike and Robin are working together again, while Leonora discovers a mysterious purchase was made on the family credit card.

Cast & Crew

Cormoran Strike Tom Burke
Robin Ellacott Holliday Grainger
Kathryn Kent Dorothy Atkinson
Leonora Quine Monica Dolan
Matthew Cunliffe Kerr Logan
Jerry Waldegrave Dominic Mafham
Daniel Chard Tim McInnerny
Andrew Fancourt Peter Sullivan
Owen Quine Jeremy Swift
Liz Tassel Lia Williams
DI Anstis Sargon Yelda
Ellie Fancourt Tamsin Topolski
Ilsa Caitlin Innes Edwards
Nick Ian Attard
Al Rokeby Joey Batey
Frankie Aretha Ayeh
Edna Rachel Bell
Orlando Quine Sarah Gordy
TV interviewer Emma Cater
Text analyst Jack Monaghan
Director Kieron Hawkes
Executive Producer JK Rowling
Executive Producer Ruth Kenley-Letts
Executive Producer Neil Blair
Executive Producer Elizabeth Kilgarriff
Executive Producer Tom Edge
Producer Jackie Larkin
Writer Tom Edge
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