The Making of Marc Bolan

The Making of Marc Bolan


The fact of Bolan’s tragically early death tends to obscure his musical achievements, as this warm biography reminds us. There is some overlap with a recent BBC4 documentary: Sky, too, talks to brother Harry, girlfriend Gloria Jones and producer Tony Visconti. But there are also interviews with his cousin, early friends, first manager and son Rolan. This has the effect of painting a more affectionate portrait of the dandyish T Rex frontman. And it has footage from Bolan’s ITV appearances, one with fellow 70s icon David Bowie. Visconti has a sweet story about Bolan’s band name, and his recollection of Bolan’s funeral is affectingly precise.


Documentary telling the story of how East End boy Mark Feld became a glam rock superstar as the frontman of T. Rex. Featuring contributions from friends, family and well-known fans.

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