Safe House

Series 2 - Episode 2



It was only a matter of time before cops investigating the abduction of a woman visit the imprisoned mastermind behind identical crimes to ask for his help. Yes, we’ve all seen The Silence of the Lambs, thank you.

In this case the lead cop and her brooding underling confront the so-called The Crow, responsible for the disappearance and presumed murder of three women. He denies all knowledge of the latest case, but then he would, wouldn’t he?

Disillusioned ex-cop Tom (Stephen Moyer), owner of a safe house currently sheltering the missing woman’s boyfriend and daughter, keeps barging into the inquiry. His involvement with The Crow ended his police career but, dammit, he just can’t keep away.


As the search for Julie intensifies, John's erratic behaviour in the safe house soon causes Tom and Sam to become intensely suspicious. They are surprised that he is continuing to run his business under such traumatic circumstances - and it also becomes clear that Dani is wary of her mother's boyfriend. Meanwhile, when Tom's former boss Elizabeth turns up looking for answers, Sam is left wondering what the real reasons were for her partner leaving the police. Thriller, starring Stephen Moyer, Zoe Tapper, Ashley Walters and Dervla Kirwan.

Cast & Crew

Tom Brook Stephen Moyer
Sam Stenham Zoe Tapper
John Channing Ashley Walters
Simon Duke Jason Watkins
DCI Jane Burr Sunetra Sarker
Dani Delaney Sacha Parkinson
Liam Duke Joel MacCormack
DI Olly Vedder Gary Cargill
Julie Delaney Lynsey McLaren
Craig Charlie Kelly
Luke Griffin Stephen Lord
Elizabeth Ellroy Dervla Kirwan
MacBride Phil Rowson
Prisoner Grahame Fox
Director Marc Evans
Executive Producer Jill Green
Executive Producer Paula Cuddy
Producer Andrew Benson
Writer Ed Whitmore
Writer Tracey Malone
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