Horizon: Mars - A Traveller's Guide

Horizon: Mars - A Traveller's Guide

Series 2017



The first person to walk on Mars is probably alive today. And they might watch Horizon. So here’s a rough guide to Mars, the even lonelier planet, with a rundown of its finest sights, drily narrated by Mark Gatiss.

Visitors should certainly look out for the Valles Marineris, he tells us, the grandest canyon in the solar system at 10km deep and long enough to stretch from New York to Los Angeles. Or there's Olympus Mons, a volcano 100 times higher than any on earth.

But getting to see them won’t be easy. One scene where an engineer describes what's involved in landing on the Martian surface puts the challenges in perspective. And the weather’s not great either.


The world's leading experts discuss where they would go on Mars, if they got the chance, and what they would need to survive on the planet. In the ultimate traveller's guide to Mars and using real images and data, Horizon brings Martian landmarks to life, from vast plains and towering volcanoes to deep valleys and hidden underground caverns, and also show where to land, where to live and even where to hunt for traces of extraterrestrial life. Narrated by Mark Gatiss.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Mark Gatiss
Director Rebecca Harrison
Director Euan Macdonald Smith
Series Editor Steve Crabtree
Documentary Science