Summer in Alaska: A Year in the Wild: Summer

Summer in Alaska: A Year in the Wild: Summer

Series 1



Every summer millions of salmon leave their feeding grounds in the open ocean and head towards Alaska’s shores to spawn in the same streams they hatched in. It is one of the world’s greatest migrations and attracts hungry brown bears to the region, keen to fatten themselves up before winter returns.

Many other animals are making the most of the warmer air and longer days. In the forests, beavers gather wood to repair their dams; on St Lawrence Island, arctic foxes patiently wait to feast on newly hatched chicks; while rufous hummingbirds eat their own body weight in nectar every day before taking off for their 3,000-mile flight south to Mexico.


In the summer, Alaska's unfrozen rivers are able to flow freely again, leading to one of the world's biggest salmon migrations as millions of fish leave the open ocean for spawning grounds inland. Brown bears eagerly await this annual event, which provides a vital source of food. Plus, arctic foxes awaiting the return of seabirds to the Russian coast and beavers building dams in time for Autumn.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Series Director Duncan Chard
Series Producer Duncan Chard