Long Lost Family

Long Lost Family

Series 7 - Episode 7



“It’s too late” are the words you don’t want to hear when you’re searching for a relative. Derek is 73 and wants to find his younger brother – the product of his mother’s Second World War affair with a Canadian soldier – who was adopted as a baby. Derek promised he wouldn’t search for his brother until his father had died but now he’s worried he’s left it too late.

Meanwhile 53-year-old Ann is searching for her birth mother. She knows nothing about her mum other than her name, but has so many questions she wants to ask her about her past. She, too, is worried she’s run out of time.


Ann Smith, a 53-year-old grandmother from Watford, is haunted by unanswered questions about her past. As a baby, Ann was adopted by George and Jean Smith, but despite growing up in a loving family, Ann was always aware that she was different, and began the search for her birth mother. Meanwhile, 73-year-old Derek Berg searches for his brother who was given up by his parents. His mother Freda had an affair with an Allied soldier, and like many other illegitimate wartime babies, Derek's long lost sibling was put up for adoption.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Davina McCall
Presenter Nicky Campbell
Director Rachel Ozers
Director Minoo Bhatia
Editor Sally Yeadon
Editor Rick Barker
Editor Jane Greenwood
Executive Producer Colette Flight
Series Producer Caroline Miller
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