Saving Lives at Sea

Saving Lives at Sea

Series 2 - Episode 4



A colleague of solicitor John Bell explains how he springs into action when his lifeboat pager sounds and he responds to an emergency call; “It’s a bit like Jason Bourne in The Bourne Identity… he starts jumping over desks to get out.”

John is a member of the Bangor crew in Northern Ireland and is involved in an unusual rescue when a woman falls onto hard shingle. She’s yelling in agony and has clearly badly injured her back. As she grips John’s hand the lifeboat crew and other emergency personnel must find the gentlest way possible to get her to a waiting ambulance.

And there’s footage from a four-year-old rescue when three young sisters were in grave danger off the Norfolk coast.


Crews are tasked to find two teenage paddle boarders in Bangor, Northern Ireland, and the Tenby crew in west Wales must race to a dog who's fallen over a cliff. Meanwhile, on the north Norfolk coast, the harrowing hovercraft rescue of three young sisters still brings back painful memories for the Hunstanton crew.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Steven Mackintosh
Director James Robinson
Director Phil Broadhurst
Editor Rose Glandfield
Executive Producer Sarah Spencer
Series Producer Rachael Barnes
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