Series 2 - Episode 2



In many ways it’s the emergencies we hear but don’t see that haunt the most in this excellent, nerve-wrenching series. A man calls 999 to report that his wife isn’t breathing and he begs for an ambulance. The call handler leads him through CPR but the man is desperate and increasingly foul-mouthed before he says, “She’s dead.”

Out on the road with the West Midlands Ambulance Service we accompany Natalie and Nat as they respond to an alert that an old man is in difficulty at home. They end up making him tea and heating a can of spaghetti.

Meanwhile, paramedic Maya tells her own extraordinary, touching story to us, the viewers, as we watch while she tries so hard to persuade an alcoholic to go to hospital, even as he’s grabbing yet another can of beer.


One hour into the night shift with West Midlands Ambulance Service and the control centre is dealing with its third cardiac arrest, as the MERIT team cares for a patient who has been stabbed and is bleeding heavily. Just four miles away, another crew must stay with an elderly man long after they have treated him, as they've spotted he's run out of vital medication and no one else is available to organise a refill.

Cast & Crew

Editor Jules Cornell
Executive Producer Kirsty Cunningham
Executive Producer Simon Ford
Series Director Bruce Fletcher
Series Producer Jo Hughes