24 Hours in A&E

Series 13 - Episode 12



The great success of 24 Hours is how it depicts moments of high drama in otherwise ordinary lives, a contrast that is particularly sharp here, as all three patients and their families – and the medics who treat them – reveal, one after another, the personal traumas that have shaped them.

As always, there’s levity too – this time from Rita and Gerry, married for 61 years. They clearly adore each other, but are far from soppy; when emergency care practitioner Declan asks them how they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, Rita replies: “We probably had a row or two!”


Stuart, who's 40, is admitted to hospital after being involved in a high-speed collision with multiple cyclists during a race, and a CT scan reveals that he is bleeding internally. Meanwhile, 83-year-old Elicia-Jean collapsed at home after experiencing dizziness, and doctors think she may have an infection.

Cast & Crew

Director Lucie Duxbury
Director Gemma Brady
Director Martin Conway
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Series Producer Lucie Duxbury
Series Producer Gemma Brady
Series Producer Martin Conway
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