Mountains - Life Beyond the Clouds: Rockies

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Mountains - Life Beyond the Clouds: Rockies

Series 1



A man stands on the very tip of a vertiginous, sheer 3,000ft-high mountain in the Rockies. “Three… two… one… see ya,” he says to the camera, before stepping off into nothingness.

Of course it’s all fine – the man, who wants to know what it feels like to be insignificant, immediately starts to fly through the air in some sort of suit that looks like it’s made from sleeping bags, though it’s clearly considerably more sophisticated.

He loves the Rockies, subject of the first in a new series about the world’s mountain ranges. Inevitably its inhabitants, buffalo and grizzly bears, are referred to as “iconic” within the first three minutes of Douglas Henshall’s narration.

But there are some stunning shots of roaming, ravenous beasts, including a night-vision, Blair Witch Project-type sequence involving a mountain lion and its larder, a ruined farmhouse.


The extraordinary animals and people who make their homes in mountain ranges around the world, beginning with the Rockies. The mountains are the spine of North America, a beautiful wilderness of snowcapped peaks and hidden valleys, home to many animals including cougars, wolves and grizzly bears.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Douglas Henshall
Series Producer Steve Greenwood
Documentary Education