A Soldier's Daughter

Series 2 - Episode 1 A Soldier's Daughter



Queen Victoria is restless. She’s just had a baby but she’s being treated as if she’s an invalid, pushed around Buckingham Palace in a wheelchair, cocooned in blankets.

But Victoria is a modern woman and there are matters of state to attend to, as Daisy Goodwin’s hit drama returns. Victoria is as gloriously sumptuous to look at as it was the first time and the leading actors – Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes - are so pretty as the golden couple.

There’s trouble in paradise, though. Victoria feels sidelined by the men in her life, including her husband and her Prime Minster, Sir Robert Peel, and there’s a war on in Afghanistan where thousands of British troops are in peril.

But no one will tell Victoria what’s really going on because of some misguided idea that she needs protecting. Only the Duke of Wellington will give it to her straight.


The second series of the drama about the early years of Queen Victoria's reign begins after the birth of her first child. She resumes her royal duties sooner than expected, and quickly becomes convinced that her husband and the prime minister are concealing troubling news about the conflict in Afghanistan, and turns to the Duke of Wellington for answers. Victoria also faces problems at home, as Albert's family descend on the palace for the christening with plans for the future. Diana Rigg joins the cast as the queen's new confidante, the formidable Duchess of Buccleuch.

Cast & Crew

Victoria Jenna Coleman
Prince Albert Tom Hughes
Duchess of Buccleuch Diana Rigg
King Leopold Alex Jennings
Duke of Wellington Peter Bowles
Duchess of Kent Catherine Flemming
Baroness Lehzen Daniela Holtz
Skerrett Nell Hudson
Francatelli Ferdinand Kingsley
Brodie Tommy Knight
Sir Robert Peel Nigel Lindsay
Prince Ernest David Oakes
Penge Adrian Schiller
Wilhelmina Coke Bebe Cave
Harriet, Duchess of Sutherland Margaret Clunie
Cleary Tilly Steele
Drummond Leo Suter
Lord Alfred Paget Jordan Waller
Lady Emma Portman Anna Wilson-Jones
Lord Chamberlain Simon Paisley Day
Archbishop of Canterbury Pete Ivatts
Craddock Peter Forbes
Duke of Coburg Andrew Bicknell
Duke of Sutherland Tom Price
Dr Brydon Alexander Owen
John Bright MP Phil Rowson
Scullery maid Flora London
Tailor Richard Braine
Director Lisa James Larsson
Executive Producer Daisy Goodwin
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Kate McKerrell
Producer Paul Frift
Writer Daisy Goodwin
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