Long Lost Family

Long Lost Family

Series 7 - Episode 5



No matter how many of these programmes you watch, the moment when Davina McCall or Nicky Campbell tells someone their long lost relative has been found is always profoundly moving.

This week 53-year-old Richard wants to find the older brother he knew nothing about until several years after their mother died. Richard had been staggered to learn that his mother had given birth to two children – both were subsequently adopted – before marrying his father. But despite searching for 14 years, he’d not tracked his half-brother John down.

John, meanwhile, had been told his birth parents had died in a car crash so he had never bothered to look for them or any other relations. “The only family I’ve ever known is my adoptive family,” he says sorrowfully.


This episode follows 53-year-old Richard from Surrey as he searches for the brother he never met. After his mother passed away, Richard was stunned by the revelation that she had previously put two children up for adoption. Richard and his family find his adopted sister, Jenny, living in Bedfordshire, but struggle to find a lead for his missing brother, John. Elsewhere, paediatric nurse Kelly from Durham searches for the birth father she never met. When she was 15-year-old, Kelly discovered that the man she thought of as her dad was not her biological father, and has longed to find her birth parent ever since.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Davina McCall
Presenter Nicky Campbell
Director Rachel Ozers
Editor Sally Yeadon
Editor Rick Barker
Editor Paddy Lynas
Executive Producer Colette Flight
Series Producer Caroline Miller
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