Who Do You Think You Are?

Lisa Hammond

Series 14 - Episode 9 Lisa Hammond



The one thing that EastEnders’ Lisa Hammond doesn’t want to discover is that her ancestors come from the country. “I think I’m from London. I feel connected to the city,” she says before explaining how the greenness of the countryside frightened her as a child.

She starts by delving into the wartime experiences of her paternal grandfather Harry who everyone in the family describes as “a total mystery”. Like many others, he never talked about the war. She then moves on to her mother’s line and is thrilled to find so many working-class East Enders there. But not all of them are London labourers.


EastEnders actress Lisa Hammond, best known to fans of the show as market trader Donna Yates, is keen to know why her paternal grandfather never spoke about his experiences in the Second World War. Tracing back, she finds out about the trauma he endured and his efforts to overcome it. She them focuses on her mother's side of the family, and is reassured to discover many generations of `London stock', as she is not a fan of the countryside. But as she traces further back, her relief proves short-lived.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Lisa Hammond
Director Archie Powell
Series Producer Sarah Feltes