Series 2 - Episode 3



A 999 call from a car at the side of a road brings a strange, tense calm to the West Midlands ambulance service control room. A woman is giving birth and it’s touch and go whether paramedics will reach her on time.

The baby is quickly born but isn’t breathing or crying. Luckily, after some crisp advice from the operator, all is well, the baby is fine. It’s an amazing, unseen vignette, topped with the startling exclamation; “She didn’t even know she was pregnant!”

It’s another brilliant, heart-rending hour with the paramedics as they respond to cardiac arrests, drunken falls and an old man who keeps ringing to ask for a lift home.


Veteran ambulance man Mick and crew-mate Dave are dispatched to help a woman with pains in her stomach. But it soon turns out she is having a massive heart attack. Call supervisor Steph receives a call about a woman who has gone into labour at the side of the road, leaving her with little choice but to oversee the delivery of the baby over the phone.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Christopher Eccleston
Editor Sam Bergson
Executive Producer Kirsty Cunningham
Executive Producer Simon Ford
Series Director Bruce Fletcher
Series Producer Jo Hughes
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