GPs: Behind Closed Doors

GPs: Behind Closed Doors

Series 5 - Episode 4



The doctors and nurses of Horfield Health Centre turn their attention to patients dealing with persistent pain, both physical and psychological. First up is Valentine, who is undergoing male-to-female gender reassignment, but faces a long and arduous journey to her desired destination. Dr Tom Pelly helps Vera, who is worried that her bad shoulder might be a sign of worse things to come, and Dr Alison Bolam solves the mystery of why visually impaired patient David is experiencing pain in his eyes and face. Dr Jane Edge believe impetigo might be the cause of Agnese's woes, and Dr Elizabeth Barnard suspects Hannah's abdominal pains might be something far more serious than a case of gastroenteritis.

Cast & Crew

Director Richard Pepe
Executive Producer Jonathan Stadlen
Executive Producer Pat Doyle
Series Producer Sarah Powell
Series Producer Rebecca Parnell