24 Hours in A&E

Series 13 - Episode 10



 Emma recognised her dad’s dog before she recognised him – primarily because the 79-year-old was collapsed on the pavement, surrounded by people who had come to his aid. She drove past her dad moments after he lost consciousness while walking his dog and fell face-first to the floor; when Mike arrives at St George’s his very high heart rate gives doctors a clue as to why he blacked out.

Hannah is also by her dad’s side. Andrew, 53, has dislocated his shoulder after tripping over a paving slab. He’s in a lot of pain, but is determined not to swear – instead he urgently recites poetry, to the baffled amusement of the resus staff. Perhaps they should adopt the tactics of Kelly, mum to autistic nine-year-old Callum, who is beautifully distracted by cartoons on an iPad as doctors extract a piece of plastic from his ear.


A 79-year-old man arrives in hospital after collapsing in the street whilst walking his dog, and doctors give him medication to try and stabilise his very high heart rate. Meanwhile, a young boy is treated after pushing a plastic toy down his ear, and doctors show concern for a man who has numbness in his arm and little finger, and send him for a CT scan.

Cast & Crew

Director Lucie Duxbury
Director Gemma Brady
Director Martin Conway
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Series Producer Lucie Duxbury
Series Producer Gemma Brady
Series Producer Martin Conway
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