Diana: In Her Own Words

Diana: In Her Own Words


Diana, Princess of Wales, throws back her head, laughs with hearty abandonment… and the years fall away. It’s amazing how someone who died 20 years ago seems so alive and so present in the here and now.

But there’s a real conflict at the heart of Diana: In Her Own Words; she is at her most unguarded because these are private films she never expected anyone to see. In 1992 Diana had videotaped sessions with a voice coach as she prepared to embark on a new, independent life after her split from Prince Charles.

She’s larky and fun when she talks about her future husband’s courtship: “He chatted me up! Like a bad rash, he was all over me. He leapt on me and started kissing me.” It’s both intrusive and fascinating.

The clips – and there aren’t many – provide a structure for this 90-minute film, the story of a marriage that went very badly wrong, very quickly.


Documentary featuring never-before-seen footage of Diana, Princess of Wales, recorded by her speech consultant between 1992 and 1993 as she sought to define her public persona and present her own version of events reported in the press, touching on her marriage and experience of public life. The programme also features in-depth interviews with people close to her.

Cast & Crew

Director Kevin Sim
Producer Charles Furneaux