Game of Thrones

The Spoils of War

Series 7 - Episode 4 The Spoils of War



With Daenerys and Jon Snow finally joining forces, things are beginning to really cook in Westeros. And that’s even before the Mother of Dragons has had a chance to properly deploy her scaly (and ever-growing) friends for some serious singeing. For the moment she is relying on her army of the Unsullied in her early skirmishes with the ruling Lannister family and tonight we find out what happened when her spear-carrying loyalists set about smashing up the Lannisters’ summer retreat at Casterly Rock. Fans have only just got to see what it looks like – but it’s unlikely to be much of a holiday home after they’ve finished with it.


Daenerys fights back, Jaime faces an unexpected situation and Arya returns home.