Ross Kemp: Extreme World


Series 6 - Episode 5 Madagascar



There’s a particularly shocking scene in this week’s episode of Extreme World when Ross Kemp flails his arms and legs around in abandon as he dances with a group of women from a Madagascan village. “I could be in serious trouble,” he says, with a huge grin. He’s previously hinted he’s a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing, and judging by this performance he’d certainly be good value as a contestant.

But back to the serious stuff: Madagascar has a depressingly familiar gang problem as bandits – known as “dahalo” – are stealing cattle from defenceless villagers, using barbaric force; killings and kidnappings are rife. There’s a point towards the end of this episode when Kemp, for the first time this series, is actually gripped by fear.


Ross heads deep into Madagascar's bandit lands as he investigates how organised and murderous cattle rustling gangs have villagers living in fear in the south-east African republic.