The Secret Life of the Holiday Resort

The Secret Life of the Holiday Resort

Series 1 - Episode 1



It's hard for an ob-doc series about an all-inclusive resort on the Costa De Sol to compete with Benidorm. The real-life characters at Holidayland could never be as enjoyably grotesque as those in the ITV sitcom but they offer pretty good value. The Wards from Southend, for instance, have a pithy poolside discussion about the Brexit vote (the series was filmed last summer), while James and Leanne from Preston idle on sunloungers watching their respective seven-year-old daughters push each other in.

Holidayland is built on a daunting scale (nine restaurants, 15 pools, 5,000 towels washed every day, and so on) but for all that, it comes across as rather disappointingly civilised and well run. The rituals of the family holiday are well observed – the towel wars, the all-you-can-eat buffet, the secret sin of peeing in the pool – but in the end it’s the staff you want to hear more from. Surely they must have horror stories to tell, but so far they’re far too discreet.


Cameras monitor life at the all-inclusive Holiday World Resort in Malaga on Spain's Costa del Sol to take a warm-hearted look at what Britons get up in the sun and what it takes to keep them happy. Those featured include the Lloyd family from Northampton, including 12-year-old Danny whose singing and dancing proves a hit at the aquafit class. The Wades from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, are hoping to bond via the resort's all-inclusive entertainment - provided the children stop bickering, while James and Leanne from Preston battle the crowds during the morning stampede for the pool.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Lisa Edwards
Series Producer Katharine Patrick
Documentary Lifestyle