Who Do You Think You Are?

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Series 14 - Episode 6 Lulu



Lulu has no high-falutin’ ideas about what she might find in her family tree: “I’m not waiting to find out I’m really a princess. I know!” she says. What she doesn’t know is why her mother Elizabeth – the middle child of seven – was singled out by her parents to be raised by another family, the McDonalds.

Her researches into her maternal grandparents – Helen Kennedy and Hugh Cairns - in Glasgow reveal they had a tough life. She died at a scandalously young age while it seems he was a drunk, often out of work but just as often in prison and, like so many young Glaswegian men, a member of a violent gang. But it was the fact that he was a Catholic while she was a Protestant that caused tension between their families: “But they couldn’t keep them apart,” says Lulu of this Romeo and Juliet story, although she concedes that “he made choices that weren’t smart … and she married a wrong ’un”.


Lulu has always wanted to get to the bottom of a family mystery. She knows that her mother, the middle child of seven, was the only one to be given up by her birth parents and raised by another family. But she has no idea why. Travelling home to Glasgow, she uncovers the real-life Romeo and Juliet story of her Catholic grandfather and Protestant grandmother's love affair across the city's strict sectarian divide. But as she digs deeper, she discovers dark secrets that force her to reassess her mum's story.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Lulu
Director Eleanor Scoones
Series Producer Sarah Feltes