The South Bank Show

Amma Asante

Series 7 - Episode 1 Amma Asante



Writer and film director Amma Asante isn’t a household name yet but she’s been described as “one of the most exciting prospects in British cinema”.

Her parents came from Ghana but she was born in London where she experienced daily racism yet shrugs it off as “a way of life” (incidentally the name of her first multi-award winning film). As a result her work explores and challenges race and identity. She’s a remarkably composed and articulate interviewee, explaining what inspired her to make films such as Belle, A United Kingdom and Where Hands Touch, her latest film about a bi-racial teenage girl in Nazi Germany.


Melvyn Bragg meets award-winning writer and director Amma Asante on the set of her latest film, Where Hands Touch, to find out more about the inspirational film-maker.