University Challenge

University Challenge

Series 24 - Episode 1



Yes, it’s that time of year – the time when your brow will furrow just a bit more than it usually does, when your brain will hurt a lot more than it ever does and when Monday nights mean University Challenge.

Last year’s competition eventually became a heated clash of two fandoms that came to a head in the final between Wolfson, Cambridge, captained by break-out star Eric Monkman, and Balliol Oxford and its leader Joey Goldman, famed for being cheeky more than once to host Jeremy Paxman. It’s what social media was made for.

The contest starts with an encounter between Edinburgh University and Ulster University.


Jeremy Paxman asks the questions once again as the academic quiz returns for its 24th series since the revival of the show in 1994. The opening match of the first round sees the University of Edinburgh and Ulster University battle it out for a place in the second stage of the contest.

Cast & Crew

Host Jeremy Paxman
Director Bridget Caldwell
Executive Producer Peter Gwyn
Producer Irene Daniels