CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Lying Down with Dogs

Series 8 - Episode 10 Lying Down with Dogs



A respected socialite is found murdered in a pile of decomposing dogs after attending a function where Dr Robbins' band provided the music, leading the team into the world of illegal canine fighting. Warrick becomes increasingly distanced from the team while struggling to prove he did not kill stripper Joanna, whose body was found in his car.

Cast & Crew

Gil Grissom William Petersen
Catherine Willows Marg Helgenberger
Warrick Brown Gary Dourdan
Nick Stokes George Eads
Greg Sanders Eric Szmanda
Capt Jim Brass Paul Guilfoyle
Dr Al Robbins Robert David Hall
David Hodges Wallace Langham
David Phillips David Berman
Wendy Simms Liz Vassey
Mandy Webster Sheeri Rappaport
Henry Andrews Jon Wellner
Det Sam Vega Geoffrey Rivas
Elizabeth Rodriguez Jamie Luner
Felix Rodriguez Jesse Borrego
Tommy Halpert Mark L Young
Lou Gedda John Capodice
Joanna Rebecca Budig
Steve Card Zack Ward
DDA Jeffrey Sinclair Erik Jensen
Richard Dorsey Dennis Christopher
Officer Mitchell Larry Mitchell
Homeless man Maxie Santillan Jr
Brad Lewis Terry Bozeman
Dogfight referee Fernando Negrette
ER doctor Nelson Mashita
Animal Control officer Chris DeRose
Deena Aquino Maria Russell
Gino Aquino Vincent Laresca
IAB investigator Tim Kelleher
ND officer Roy Jackson
Director Michael Slovis
Writer Christopher Barbour
Writer Michael FX Daley
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