The Loch

Series 1 - Episode 6



In case we can’t grasp the conclusion to this bizarre thriller, all is helpfully explained at the end of the final episode – more than once. If that seems belt and braces, it isn’t because the solution to the messy serial murder of residents in a small loch-side town will have to be spelt out to me with a full Powerpoint presentation before I can grasp how, and more importantly, why.

After last week’s bloodbath it appears that the killer’s identity is known and the community turns nasty. But the alleged murderer’s family won’t accept the evidence and neither will irritating forensic psychologist Blake Albrighton.

The door could be open to a second series. Close it. Now.


A body is pulled from the loch and soon identified by the pathologist - while a photograph in the dead man's wallet provides Annie and Quigley with a vital clue. Annie tries to gather further evidence by talking to a desperate Mhari, who refuses to believe the terrifying possibility she is presented with concerning her own son. Albrighton is threatened with arrest by Quigley, but nevertheless continues to pursue his own theory about the killings - even if it means putting his life on the line to prove himself right. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Annie Redford Laura Fraser
DCI Lauren Quigley Siobhan Finneran
Kieran Whitehead Jack Bannon
Blake Albrighton Don Gilet
Mhari Toner Simone Lahbib
Craig Petrie Alastair Mackenzie
Evie Redford Shona McHugh
Alan Redford Gray O'Brien
CI Frank Smilie John Sessions
Jordan Whitehead Oliver Greenall
Bea Whitehead Anita Vettesse
Sarah McKinnon Lisa Livingstone
Iain Sutherland Ron Donachie
PC Jason Denny Murray Fraser
Kirsty Petrie Shereen Martin
Dessie Toner Conor McCarry
Crawford Baxter Euan Stamper
Michael Yuill Jim McMeekin
Director Cilla Ware
Executive Producer Tim Haines
Producer Alan J Wands
Writer Stephen Brady
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