Bad Blood

Series 5 - Episode 2 Bad Blood



A local woman is killed when an experiment in biological warfare goes tragically wrong. Sam also falls victim to a potentially fatal illness as a result of the project. Foyle is forced to head into the most secretive and dangerous areas of wartime research, unearthing secrets that cannot be revealed even to the prime minister. Michael Kitchen stars, with Honeysuckle Weeks and Philip Franks.

Cast & Crew

Det Chief Supt Christopher Foyle Michael Kitchen
Sgt Paul Milner Anthony Howell
Samantha Stewart Honeysuckle Weeks
Simon Higgins Ben Meyjes
Mark Wilcox Peter Sandys-Clarke
Joe Farnetti Jonah Lotan
Capt Jason Halliday Philip Franks
Ian Brooke Jay Simpson
Edith Ashford Caroline Martin
Martin Ashford Tim Delap
Ted Cartwright Roy Marsden
Leonard Cartwright Tom Harper
Brian Jones Kenneth Colley
Det Chief Supt Fielding Gawn Grainger
Tom Jenkins Anthony Flanagan
Elsie Jenkins Claire Cox
Henry Styles Hugh Sachs
Dr Brindley Andrew Alston
Home Guard Robert McIntosh
Armed Guard Rupert Young
Director Jeremy Silberston
Executive Producer Jill Green
Producer Keith Thompson
Writer Anthony Horowitz
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