Ross Kemp: Extreme World

West Bank

Series 6 - Episode 2 West Bank



There aren’t many presenters who would stride gamely into a drugs den in the West Bank to get into the mêlée as vigilantes round up suspected local dealers. Particularly if the head of the group has just finished explaining that the first time he catches dealers, they get a warning. The second time, he breaks their arms and legs.

Ross Kemp is unflappable as he investigates the devastating physical and psychological impact that a new drug called hydro is having on the local Palestinian and Israeli populations. With such a fractious political situation in the region and the police forces unable to work together, it’s a complex problem that’s being left up to local communities to try to solve themselves.


The actor visits East Jerusalem and the West Bank, where a drug epidemic is tearing through Palestinian communities and a generation of young people is being lost to addiction.