The Art Show

Series 1 - Episode 5



This week Charming Baker jets off to Lanzarote to meet fellow sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who has created an extraordinary underwater museum: 300 human figures cast out of cement that attract marine life. The trickiest bit turns out to be manoeuvring the eerie eight-and-a-half-ton centrepiece – a concrete raft of refugees. There’s also a whistle-stop tour of Istanbul’s art scene and an interesting item on female nudes by Lucian Freud’s muse, Sue Tilley, whose portrait sold for £35 million.

Tilley compares experiences with the subject of another famous and controversial artwork.


Charming Baker examines Jason deCaires Taylor's underwater sculpture in Lanzarote, Sue Tilley explores the appeal of the nude and Will Best and Kate Bryan head to Istanbul.