Series 2 - Episode 4



Eddie, 56, is rushed in to Hammersmith Hospital having a severe heart attack. Within 24 hours of treatment, he’s sitting up and chatting. Yet consultant Iqbal Malik is certain that if Eddie had gone to a hospital without a specialist heart attack centre, he would have died. Since these units were set up, heart-related deaths have halved but increasingly complex cardiology problems and NHS cuts are putting them under pressure.

At Charing Cross Hospital’s specialist neurosurgery unit is 28-year-old Ben, whose brain tumour has sadly returned after four years. Consultant Kevin O’Neill is confident of a good outcome because “we have more tools in the box now”. It’s inspirational and emotional viewing.


How Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is pushing the boundaries of what is possible technologically, at a time when the Trust has a planned annual deficit of £41 million and savings need to be made across the board. Meanwhile, at Charing Cross Hospital, site of the Trust's specialist neurosurgery department, 28-year-old former dancer Ben needs an operation to remove a recurrent brain tumour, and at Hammersmith, 23-year-old primary school teacher Rosa has an infection on her mitral valve called endocarditis.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Simon Dickson
Executive Producer Lorraine Charker-Phillips
Executive Producer Jackie Waldock
Series Producer Tom Currie
Series Producer Gilly Greenslade