In the Dark

Series 1 - Episode 1

Today 9pm - 10:20pm Alibi


This has everything you could possibly want from and expect of a generic crime drama – a maverick woman cop (she’s pregnant!) with a tormented past, mysterious woods, missing teenage girls, pouring rain, a jobsworth boss and a blinkered senior officer who just wants to get a conviction.

Welcome to In the Dark, a four-part series of adaptations of Mark Billingham novels (you can spot the author in a cameo playing a court usher). MyAnna Buring is Detective Inspector Helen Weeks, who heads home to a small Derbyshire town when the husband of a schoolfriend is arrested on suspicion of murder.

It’s not Helen’s case, of course, and her boss tells her not to become too involved. “No stepping on anyone’s toes, Helen.” Of course, Helen steps on everyone’s toes, including those of the complacent detective inspector in charge of the inquiry (Ashley Walters).


As DI Helen Weeks grapples apprehensively with pregnancy, she is compelled to return to her loathed rural home town of Polesford, Derbyshire, with her partner and fellow detective Paul Hopkins. Two girls have been abducted and the man arrested is the husband of Helen's childhood best friend Linda Bates, who has been drawn into the centre of a media storm, while the local police force is under enormous pressure to get their man. But is he guilty? Crime drama adapted by Danny Brocklehurst from Mark Billingham's books, starring MyAnna Buring.

Cast & Crew

DI Helen Weeks MyAnna Buring
DI Paul Hopkins Ben Batt
DI Adam Perrin David Leon
Linda Bates Emma Fryer
DCI Jack Gosforth Jamie Sives
Robert Weeks Clive Wood
Trevor Hare Pearce Quigley
DC Sophie Carson Jessica Gunning
Jenny Georgia Tennant
Phil Hendricks Matt King
DI Tim Cornish Ashley Walters
Davina Alicya Eyo
PC Mickey Finch Curtis Cole
Young Helen Sophie Bloor
Charli Eleni Foskett
Syd Stewart Scudamore
Danny Brian Fletcher
Paula Days Sinead Matthews
Gavin Sweeney Kevin Sutton
Trevor's wife Shari Fox
Shelley Joey Batey
Bob Patterson Mark Sheals
Annette Johnston Eve Robertson
Stephen Bates Daniel Scott
PC William Gallagher Liam Ainsworth
Poppy Johnston Claire Cornmell
BBC North West presenter Roger Johnson
BBC North West presenter Annabel Tiffin
BBC North West reporter Dave Guest
Derbyshire news reporter Chris Clarkson
Leather jacket man Michael Lambourne
Magpie waitress Claudia Mirallegro
SOCO Anthony Bowers
Clerk Ursula Holden Gill
Dog walker Rowe David McClelland
Nurse Rachel Priest
Magistrate Flo Wilson
Defence counsel Janet Marsh
Director Gilles Bannier
Executive Producer Mark Billingham
Executive Producer Danny Brocklehurst
Executive Producer Hilary Martin
Producer Hugh Warren
Writer Danny Brocklehurst
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