Welcome to the Terra Dome

Series 3 - Episode 4 Welcome to the Terra Dome



To recap: animals are mutating, attacking humans across the world. We open in Costa Rica, where an amiable sloth sways across a branch. Surely sloths haven’t gone rogue, too?

No, but it turns out this sloth can generate a low-frequency call that can start an earthquake (or something), so the evil general has it captured and brought to America, where an army of mutant moles attack the building it’s in and then… well, never mind, you get the picture.

It’s a peculiarly daft instalment, with a plot made out of styrofoam and cow gum, but there’s time for romance, too, as Chloe tells Jackson, “I need to find a balance between being the leader of this team and being in love with you.”


The team reunites with Abraham and Dariela as they desperately try to stop the hybrids from taking over New York.