Stewards v Parishioners

Series 13 - Episode 1 Stewards v Parishioners



Yes, our favourite brainy quiz show is still stuck on Fridays where it doesn’t belong (put it back on Monday after University Challenge). But never mind, at least it’s back and for that we should all be very glad because weeks without Only Connect are very long indeed….

Victoria Coren Mitchell is once again in the chair umpiring a very breezy and tough contest between the Parishioners, with a vicar as captain, and three likely lads dressed in green velveteen capes who call themselves the Stewards. It won’t surprise you to learn that they are all members of the Cambridge Tolkien Society. “Despite our appearance we are not a cult,” says the captain.

It’s a great start with two stonking examples of what Coren Mitchell declares as “absolutely brilliant quizzing” though of course what we are all waiting for are the connecting walls. They are killers.


Victoria Coren Mitchell returns with the quiz show as further teams of three people use patience, lateral thinking and sheer inspiration to make connections between four things that may appear at first not to be linked, hoping to succeed reigning champions the Verbivores. Typical rounds they need to negotiate are termed connections, sequences, connecting wall and missing vowels. In this opening edition of the 13th series, three Tolkien fans take on a church team, with one set of clues consisting of pat: bone, rub: disease, nut: spread and salmon: bacteria.

Cast & Crew

Host Victoria Coren Mitchell
Director Sian G Lloyd
Series Producer Jenny Hawker