The Loch

Series 1 - Episode 4



I found it particularly difficult to make sense of this episode of the barmy drama because I was laughing so hard. It’s just so full of delicious treats – a cocky forensic psychologist who interviews suspects after searching their homes, then punches them in the face for good measure.

Best of all there’s a staring-eyed ex-con who arrives in the wee Scottish loch-side community then lurches around the countryside, clutching a knife and eyeing up potential victims as if they’re prime beefburgers. See what I mean? It’s a hoot.

As for who killed whom – who the hell cares?


Craig Petrie becomes a suspect in both murders, and Blake assists in questioning him. However, he quickly turns the tables on the police and casts doubt on Leighton's innocence. Annie investigates his claims further, and her loyalty to Leighton is shaken when she discovers his alibi is a lie. Smilie tries to comfort Jonjo's father, but is rejected.

Cast & Crew

Annie Redford Laura Fraser
DCI Lauren Quigley Siobhan Finneran
Leighton Thomas William Ash
Kieran Whitehead Jack Bannon
Blake Albrighton Don Gilet
Dr Simon Marr John Heffernan
Oliver Tench Fraser James
Craig Petrie Alastair Mackenzie
Evie Redford Shona McHugh
Alan Redford Gray O'Brien
CI Frank Smilie John Sessions
Kirsty Petrie Shereen Martin
Jordan Whitehead Oliver Greenall
Jonjo Patterson Keiran Gallacher
Nicole Patterson Jenny Ryan
Ken Patterson Moray Hunter
Iain Sutherland Ron Donachie
PC Jason Denny Murray Fraser
Bea Whitehead Anita Vettesse
Dessie Toner Conor McCarry
Crawford Baxter Euan Stamper
Angusina McGrellish Victoria Liddelle
Don McGrellish George Anton
Michael Yuill Jim McMeekin
Director Cilla Ware
Executive Producer Tim Haines
Producer Alan J Wands
Writer Chris Hurford
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