The Supervet

Series 9 - Episode 11



There’s little need for Noel Fitzpatrick’s catchphrase, “This has never been done before!” as he surveys another new batch of patients. The words he utters more are, “Oh… s**t”, as he realises their conditions are too serious to get excited about how unusual they are. Three-month-old rescue puppy Poppy walks with her front legs splayed so badly by dislocations, her face is on the floor; adventurous cat Berlioz has been hit by a car and has a smashed jaw and palate.

As ever, the show is about the owners more than the pets. Berlioz is initially brought in by a man whose wife is too upset to go along; Poppy’s owner is a woman with chronic pain who acts as carer to her elderly father. “I can cope with her being disabled,” she says. “My dad is. I am. She can come and join the family.”


Pioneering veterinarian Noel Fitzpatrick uses his talents to treat a puppy called Poppy, which has difficulties with walking, and a lurcher called Dylan needs help with a collapsed joint. The programme also features a one-year-old cat that was hit by a car on its first venture outside the house, leaving it requiring emergency treatment.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Series Producer Lucy Kennedy