Killer Women with Piers Morgan

Killer Women with Piers Morgan

Series 2 - Episode 2



Piers Morgan takes his particular interest in bad females to Florida, the location for a crime that was nationally notorious. In 2011, 15-year-old Seath Jackson received a message from his ex-girlfriend Amber Wright, suggesting they meet. Despite their acrimonious break-up, Seath went along - whereupon he was shot and beaten to death by Amber and a gang of her friends.

The case against Amber turned on how culpable she was for planning and executing the murder. As well as using his criminological expertise to try to coax some remorse from the unnervingly cool culprit, Morgan visits Seath's family, for whom the devastation is still raw.


Piers travels to Homestead Correctional Institution in Florida to meet Amber Wright, who, at the age of 15 conspired with a group of friends to murder her ex-boyfriend Seath Jackson, an innocent teenage boy who was beaten, shot, and knee-capped before his corpse was burnt and his remains thrown in a quarry. Later, Piers travels to meet Seath's parents in Summerfield, Florida, with their visceral anger standing in stark contrast to Amber's cool demeanour. It soon emerges that Amber was a central player in the plot to kill Seath, but will she take responsibility for her actions?

Cast & Crew

Actor Piers Morgan
Series Director Stuart Cabb
Series Producer Kate Scholefield