24 Hours in A&E

Series 13 - Episode 5



Though 24 Hours does bigger themes brilliantly, the carefully chosen snippets in between the greater dramas are just as big a part of what makes the programme irresistible. Such as the sight of a doctor mounting a hospital bed to reset a hip, or the men discussing whether getting Starbucks delivered to the A&E waiting room is inappropriate.

But it’s one of those big dramas that packs an emotional punch, as we listen to Emily describe waiting for 29-year-old David, her boyfriend of six years, to come home, not knowing he’d been in a car crash. And Mary, 94, who’s fallen down the stairs, and Darnell, 18, who has a broken thighbone, compete for the title of Most Amusing Patient.


An 18-year-old is rushed in after breaking his leg while playing football, and doctors worry it may have long-term implications. Meanwhile, David, who is 29, is airlifted to St George's following a head-on collision at speed, and 94-year-old Mary arrives after falling backwards down 14 steps and losing consciousness.

Cast & Crew

Director Gemma Brady
Director Martin Conway
Director Lucie Duxbury
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Executive Producer Emma Tutty
Series Producer Gemma Brady
Series Producer Martin Conway
Series Producer Lucie Duxbury
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