Murder in Suburbia

The Wedding

Series 2 - Episode 3 The Wedding



Wedding celebrations are cut short when the bride's father is electrocuted and a long list of murder suspects soon keep Ash and Scribbs busy. The groom is angry after seeing his father-in-law hit his new wife, his parents are just as unhappy with their son's new family, and Nuala, the bride, is rumoured to have married for reasons other than love. Lynda Bellingham and Henry Goodman guest star.

Cast & Crew

DI Kate Ashurst Caroline Catz
DS Emma Scribbins Lisa Faulkner
Nuala Goodman Fiona Glascott
David Goodman Neil Henry
Kieran Doyle Patrick Drury
Howard Goodman Henry Goodman
Milly Goodman Lynda Bellingham
DJ Jazzy T Steve Blacknell
Kim Felicity Dean
DCI Sullivan Jeremy Sheffield
Jason Parker Marcello Walton
Gallimore Glen Davies
Director Bob Bierman
Director Jonathan Fox Bassett
Director Roger Goldby
Executive Producer Sharon Bloom
Producer Tim Whitby
Writer Nick Collins
Writer Scott Cherry
Writer Emma Frost
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