Series 1 - Episode 5



Fr Michael has faced several harsh dilemmas in this series. Playing him, Sean Bean is good at getting across the sense of a man on whom moral responsibility weighs like a sack of potatoes, his whole face sagging with the woes of the world.

Michael is an instinctively compassionate person, but that doesn’t help when he has to choose between two proud men who are both, to varying degrees, in the wrong.

In this episode, the uncle of dead teenager Vernon arrives from Trinidad, full of righteous religious conviction, and when gay neighbour Carl pays a call to leave flowers, the two of them clash. Ned Dennehy as Carl more or less hijacks the drama, which turns into a thoughtful meditation on tolerance – or the lack of it.


The arrival of Helen's brother Daniel immediately ruffles feathers when he gets into an argument with his sister's neighbour, Carl. Father Michael attempts to mediate, but when things escalate further, he's torn between doing what's right in the eyes of the law, and what he feels may resolve things between the two men without causing more upset to the grieving Helen. Elsewhere, Chloe Demichelis wants answers from the long suffering Michael. Drama, starring Sean Bean, Muna Otaru and Danny Sapani.

Cast & Crew

Father Michael Kerrigan Sean Bean
Chloe Demichelis Lauren Lyle
Leo Demichelis Daniel Cornall-Bishop
Jake Demichelis Jack Harper
Maureen Joy McBrinn
Jamie Richard Lynch
Daniel Martin Danny Sapani
Luke Martin Ethan Baliba
Daniel Martin Jr Jethro Baliba
Carl McKenna Ned Dennehy
Helen Oyenusi Muna Otaru
PC Haley Magee Danielle Henry
PC Kevin Knox Joel Parry
Eddie Kerrigan Steve Garti
Editor Kyle Ogden
Executive Producer Colin McKeown
Executive Producer Jimmy McGovern
Executive Producer Sean Bean
Producer Colin McKeown
Producer Donna Molloy
Writer Jimmy McGovern
Writer Shaun Duggan
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